Summer Internship at Techimax

Recently, I had completed my 6 weeks internship at Techimax pvt limited and it was a great experience working and learning many new things with Techimax.

About the company

Techimax is an IT services and product-engineering company specialized in building Hybrid cross-platform apps loacted in hyderabad. The company provides business solution to improve the growth of their client business they Provide independent software companies and enterprises with high quality software development and consulting services.

My experience

This internship had given me a great exposure of the corporate work experience and it also was great challenging and insightful. I worked as an web development intern in the company . In the first 4 weeks of the intern we had been given id’s to login to their companies learning management system(lms) and through it we used to have a classes in which they had taught about web development in the best way possible there teaching was so helpful and was very very informative through which I had learnt many new things about web development. And i also started working on my project which is online movie ticket booking WEB application .

About My Project.

we developed a web application using angular js ,Firstly we had created home page we would have the list of movies which are available or currently screening.we had given option for the end user to either book or scroll on the movie poster to know about the plot and the reviews of the movie.

We used bootstrapped CSS for the styling of the website. Once the user selects the specified movie ,it would be redirected to a reservation page in which the number of seats and the details of the person are taken as input and would be stored after the confirmation of the tickets . After entering the details and number of seats the user requires ,a dynamical display of seats with the information of the seat number along with the info that they are empty or occupied. The user can only select the empty seats and after the conformation the seats will be blocked so that there would be no clashes in the reservation .

The details of the user will be stored along with the details of seat number’s which they had booked. These details are displayed to admin.

On the final day of our intern we had successfully demonstrated our project before a panel of 3 members from the company.

Apart from improving my technical skills in the web development,this internship has provided me with a real life corporate work experience. I learned many new things including how the works are carried out in a organization ,the pressures and the impact of deadlines . This also enabled me me to improve my skills and time management . This journey has been a remarkable learning experience. The internship not only helped me in improving technical skills but also personal skills.


I thank Techimax pvt limited for offering me the chance to do my internship. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr. Nagcharan and Ms.Maneesha for being there when ever we had any trouble and for always supporting me and guiding me through out my journey