Final Semester Internship At Fintroops Fintech

Fintech Solutions Pvt LTD
Fintech solutions Pvt LTD

I am G.kusumanth I had got an internship offer from Fintroops. Fintroops is a product-based startup. Then after getting into service-based they started developing applications integrating it with payment gateway according to the customers need for example if the customer requires a payment gateway that is accessible globally then they will develop an application that would be integrated with global payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal and for domestic payment, they will use local payment gateways according to the customer’s requirements.
It’s been almost 3 months that I had started my intern and it has been…

It brings us immense pleasure to finally announce that we have successfully completed our 7Th-semester capstone project at Bennett University Computer Science Branch under the guidance of Dr. Anurag Goswami. Our capstone project is based on a startup idea to provide services such as furniture, plumbing, electrical installations or repair works, and. other home needs.

About Our Project

Blue-collar workers are considered as working-class and always been undermined by the efforts they take to earn a daily wage. Their pay scale is too low and not sufficient to run a family nowadays. Due to less exposure to work requirements, most of these workers…

Recently, I had completed my 6 weeks internship at Techimax pvt limited and it was a great experience working and learning many new things with Techimax.

About the company

Techimax is an IT services and product-engineering company specialized in building Hybrid cross-platform apps loacted in hyderabad. The company provides business solution to improve the growth of their client business they Provide independent software companies and enterprises with high quality software development and consulting services.

My experience

This internship had given me a great exposure of the corporate work experience and it also was great challenging and insightful. I worked as…

We are using Classification techniques like CART, Logistic Regression, Random Forest,Decision tree, ,Naive Bayes,Neural Networks to classify the ph-value based on RGB color

Modules involved:

  1. Loading Data , pre-processing our data.
  2. Splitting the data into training samples and testing samples
  3. Using classification techniques and finding the accuracy of the model.
  4. Analyzing different classification metrics like MSE, RMSE , Precision , Recall , Accuracy etc.
  5. Concluding Which is the best model.

I took this data set from kaggle , it consists of 1csv file , I used csv file, which has 653 rows and 4columns ,the coloums are

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

Gali kusumanth

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